Our Community

Our Community

"Create and foster a culture in which students learn and live the principles of Zion in their apartments
and homes."

Welcome to Rexburg Social Life

We are dedicated to creating a nurturing and social environment to uplift and encourage our students.

Open 8 AM - Curfew

Gaming Tables

Social Events

Board Games


2 World-Class Ping Pong Tables 

These are the best quality ping pong tables of any apartment complex here in Rexburg. Go head-to-head with friends or host a tournament.


Wouldn't be a party without this classic game. Always ramped up and ready for your next date night.

Pool Table

Dare to challenge your friends at an epic game of pool. We have the equipment to play up to 4 people at once.


We are filling up for Spring / Summer 2021. Apply today to secure your spot for the upcoming semesters.
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