Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get a new mattress?
A: You can buy your own if you'd like and we can remove the provided mattress, but we do not supply any other mattress than the one provided. All tenants must also provide a waterproof mattress protector if you choose to use our provided beds. 
Q: How do I cancel my contract:
A: As per the BYUI contract, contracts cannot be canceled less than 60 days before the next semester begins. If you cancel before the 60 day time frame, you just have to pay a flat $100 to cancel the contract and be done with the process. If you want to cancel and you are in the 60 day or less time frame, then you have to then sell the contract to someone else. It is your responsibility to find a new person to buy your contract (you can do this easily on Facebook marketplace or other online rental listing sites). Once you find somebody, the both of you must fill out and sign the Transfer Form and the Seller pays $75 transfer fee. The Buyer then pays the $75 security deposit to seal the deal (after signing the transfer paperwork and the rental contract). 
Q: Are there ethernet ports in the apartments?
A: There are not, but we do offer Optix High Speed Internet at no extra cost to you! If you have any issues with the wifi, please let us know and we can see what we can do about it. 
Q: Where is mail delivered?
A: Mail is dropped off at the front office around 9-10am and the manager distributes the mail. If there is a package too big to fit in the mail boxes, the manager will hold it in the office and you can pick it up during office hours.
Q: Is the apartment furnished? 
A: Yes, the apartment is fully furnished. This includes two twin mattresses and frames per bedroom, two dressers per bedroom, two desks/chairs per bedroom, a couch, a coffee table, and barstools to sit at in the kitchen dining area. Tenants provide their own cleaning supplies, bedding, cooking ware, etc.
Q: How do I pay?
A: When you first sign your contract, you will receive a welcome email inviting you to create your account for the resident portal. After you create your account (your email being your username and your password being whatever you create it to be), then you can either access the resident portal online or you can download the app on the google or apple app store. The resident portal is where you pay for everything, and you can also submit work  order/maintenance requests as well. The manager also sends important updates and messages through the portal as well. 
Q: Can I hang things on the walls?
A: We are so excited you want to make Pinnacle feel more like home - however, we encourage you to hang things with command strips (super easy to use and very reliable) and if you need to hang anything that cannot be hung with command strips, you must ask management directly to be handled on a case by case basis.
Q: When are quiet hours?
A: Quiet hours are every day from 10pm - 8am.
Q: When is curfew?
A: Curfew in the city of Rexburg is 12am everyday except for Fridays - Friday's curfew is 1am (this means you need to be in your own apartment before 12am or 1am). 
Q: Gym hours and info?
A: The gym is open for use Monday - Saturday from 5am - midnight. It is closed on Sundays and certain holidays. 
Q: Theatre room rules?
A: There is a calendar outside the theatre room, and you use this to sign up for a time to reserve the theatre room. There is no food and drink allowed in the theatre room. Please be sure to turn the projector and the lights off before leaving.
Q: Where can I park?
A: Parking is only available for tenants who have obtained a parking pass from the front office (a parking pass costs $75 per semester). We have guest parking available in the front lot facing the street. 
Q: Can I get a copy of my lease for address verification? 
A: Of course! When both you and your manager sign the lease, the system emails both you a copy and your manager a copy. If you cannot find your emailed copy, just come by the office and ask the manager to print you off a copy. Be sure it has your signature and the manager's signature to prove its validity. 
Q: Where do I put my bike?
A: We have a huge bike rack area to the far left of the back parking lot. You must have a bike pass provided by the manager (costs $10 per year). Bikes are not allowed inside the building.